Here are the times of the next buses to arrive in Landbeach, obtained live from the bus operator.

Route 9 - Cambridge to Waterbeach

Stop locationNext buses
High Street, outside No. 134no times found
High Street, opposite Walnut Farmno times found
High Street, bus shelter09:30
Waterbeach Road, opposite Matthew Parker Close09:30
Waterbeach Road, outside Manor House09:31
Waterbeach Road, A10 end09:32
Car Dyke Road, outside Bollywood Spice07:51, 08:31, 09:46

Route 9 - Waterbeach to Cambridge

Stop locationNext buses
Car Dyke Road, opposite Bollywood Spice05:52, 06:21, 07:22
Waterbeach Road, A10 end05:53, 07:23, 07:53
Waterbeach Road, opposite Manor House05:53, 07:23, 07:53
High Street, opposite bus shelter05:55, 07:25, 07:55
High Street, outside Walnut Farm05:56, 07:26, 07:56
High Street, opposite No. 13205:57, 07:27, 07:57

Bus times last updated Mon, 27 May 19 14:51:34 +0100


  • 24-hour times (example: 09:55) indicate the next scheduled service.
  • Times in minutes (example: 9 mins) are live estimates based on the bus's location.
  • Due means within 2 minutes.

Thanks to Barbara Le Gallez for suggesting this feature and Paul Oldham for technical advice.